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    Spa Music Stream is the digital Background Music Service that delivers great music to your your Spa, Health and Wellness, Reiki and Massage Business without the requirement to pay for a Music License. We carefully selects the world's best rights-inclusive music, organizes it, and makes it available through our easy to use, fully-featured digital service .
  • Easy Set-Up


    Spa Music Stream can be quickly and easily installed onto a host of PC, Mac & Android devices. Then connected to an audio-system (amp + speakers) SMS can be streamed over the internet OR downloaded and played without internet access. You can also download a trial player and try before you buy. No credit card needed, no obligation.
  • License Free


    How? We deal directly with the artists and cut out the middleman. Spa Music Stream buys the rights to all the music we use, or we make our own. We then license it directly to you, so you no longer have to deal with BMI, ASCAP & SESAC in AMERICA, SOCAN or Re:Sounds in CANADA, or the PRS & PPL in the UK.
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Powerful and Easy to Use

Easily navigate to channels and playlists suitable for business types. Download commonly used playlists for offline play and to save bandwidth.

Edit controls to remove tracks you don’t like and increase the frequency of those you do. Create a favorites playlist quickly, or add tracks to custom playlists to take full control. More...            WATCH VIDEO

Top-quality Relaxation music

Our music is professionally produced and expertly play-listed to give you a wide choice of moods and styles to reflect customer profile, time, region and season.

Playlists organized under business-specific channels, making it simple to select the right music for your customers.

Powerful central control to create, adapt and distribute custom playlists to your customers. More..


The Benefits

Top Notch Relaxation Music streaming.

All Rights included, so no Performing Rights Organizations (PROs like BMI, ASCAP or SOCAN, PRS or PPL) fees to pay..ever!!

Software / web based – no special hardware required.

Deliverable on multiple platforms.

Playlist based – easy to manage in-house so lower cost

Music sourced and programmed for your business. Creates a comfortable mood, lowers inhibition, increases dwell time, increases customer satisfaction and average transaction value (ATV)  More..


Free 14 Day Free Trial! ~ Quality Assured Music

Spa Music Stream

Spa Music StreamSpa Music Stream - Background Music Service gives you access to thousands of great license-free tracks for your Spa, Reiki, Massage, Health and Wellness Business spanning many genres, expertly play-listed to make it as easy as possible to choose the right Relaxation Music for your clients.

>> TAKE OUR VIDEO TOUR <<Spa Music Stream We source world's best rights-inclusive music from producers and licensors around the world, selecting only the very best to add to our catalog. On average 50 new tracks are added monthly.Rights-inclusive means Spa Music Stream customers do not need to pay for public performance licenses. For an overview of how background music licensing works click here

To listen to the entire Spa Music Stream catalog, sign up for a Free Trial.

Introducing the Spa Music Stream Tablet

Can’t run Spa Music Stream on your business computer? We have the solution with our bundled Spa Music Stream tablet: an inexpensive and simple way to get access to our huge catalog of licence-free music, ready to go straight out of the box. Just connect to amp & speakers and off you go.

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