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Android-Advanced Settings

Advanced Tablet Settings

These can all be found using the 'More' tab.

Each option in the menu will be detailed below.


Here there are two options that you see in this screen:

  1. Adjust the the overall player volume by dragging the first slider.

  2. Adjust the volume of the messaging relative to the volume of the music by dragging the slider.




Here you can view the upcoming messages in their playlist order.

Each message is in effect an 'event', this is why you may only have 10 messages to play during the day but actually see about 70 as each of those 10 messages are scheduled to play 7 times.



In this view you have access to 4 more buttons as well as being able to view the status of any currently downloading tracks.

Sync playlists - this button will synchronize only the factory playlists with the server. This means that if there have been any changes made or new releases added to the global playlists, these will be reflected on the player by clicking this button. NB restarting the player has the same effect.

Sync Custom Data - this button will force the player to check for any messaging, schedules or custom playlists that have been synchronized to the player from Central Control. If you do not want to shut the player down but have since synchronized CC, this button will force the player to get any custom content without a restart.

Stop downloads - This button simply halts any current downloads. It is useful if the you are trying to download too many playlists or you don't want to fill up the internal memory with playlists you don't often use.

Update Player - This button will take you to a website where you can download the latest version of the player. Installing a later version will simply overwrite the currently installed version so there is no need to uninstall the currently installed software.


Here you can view the amount and the location of the device's internal and external storage. 

Drag the slider to change the amount of internal memory you want allocated to the player.

If you want to use an external memory card you can use the 'External Storage' option to select the memory card you want to use with the player.

Player Security

The slider here allows you to manually lock the player. If for example you need to leave the store for a few hours but don't want any staff changing the music, you can create a password and lock the player from here.

  1. Create a password.

  2. Save it.

  3. Click 'Lock Player'.


About this Player

Here you will see all of your current registration information. By clicking the 'Reset' button on the right you can reset your activation settings, this restores your player app to the state it was in when you first installed the app but all your previously downloaded music will still be on the player.

The 'Diagnostics' button is only used for advanced troubleshooting so unless you want to view system logs, you won't find it's information particularly useful.


Simply exits the player if you want to restart the app without restarting the the entire device.