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Android-Downloading Playlists

The player has the ability to download playlists and make them available offline. We recommend that everyone does this with playlists they frequently use, for 3 reasons:

  • Offline tracks reduce bandwith used - this is especially useful on metered internet connections.
  • Offline tracks will carry on playing if the internet temporarily goes down.
  • Offline tracks enable the app to be used on slow internet connections that are unable to stream a track.

How to create an offline playlist:

  1. Navigate to the playlist that you want to make offline. This can be achieved by tapping the channels tab.

  2. Tap the blue 'Download Playlist' icon in the top right to start the playlist downloading.

  3. That's it, you can check on the progress of the downloads by tapping on the 'More' tab then clicking on 'Downloads'. A successfully downloaded track will display a small green tick icon next to the track icon for each song.