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Android-Player and Scheduling

Scheduling is an incredibly useful function that tells the player to play certain playlists at certain times.

  • Currently schedules can only be set up using Central Control before it is 'Pushed' to the desired tablet.

  • You can view a schedule by pressing the ‘Scheduler’ menu tab. The schedule can be activated and deactivated by tapping on the ON/OFF slider located in the top right corner.

  • If a schedule has been synced from Central Control but it has not yet shown up, go to the ‘More’ menu and then navigating to the ‘downloads’ sub-menu. The ‘sync playlists’ button will check if any new channels, playlists or tracks have been added. The ‘sync custom data’ button will check for any changes to the schedule. You must be connected to the internet to update the playlists or schedule.