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How to Create Schedules

Navigating the Scheduler

The Spa Music Stream player contains a scheduling function. Playlists can be programmed to play out at particular times of day, or times of the week. Once set up, the scheduler ensures that the right music is always playing. This is an overview of the scheduler designed to help you navigate the different functions.  This part of the player can be accessed by clicking the SCHEDULER tab in the navigation bar. 

N.B. ORANGE = a functional item like a button, GREEN = information, BLUE = an area

Creating a Schedule

The simplest way to create a schedule is to first create an ‘average’ day to act as a template. This can then be copied across the week and altered to account for variations, such as late night appointments. Your weekly schedule can be copied, and individual days can be edited to plan for bank holidays, Christmas and one-off events.

Choose the start date/week

Using the calendar tab, navigate to the week you wish to begin scheduling (see below). The Scheduling window will always display a week view starting on Monday.

Create a new event

Click the ‘NEW’ button (below) and a window will pop up (see above).

  1. Choose what playlist you wish to use in this period, choose a date, start and end time, a colour and name the event.
  2. The example shown is called ‘Morning Chillout’.
  3. Click ‘SAVE’ to create the scheduler event


Create a Standard Day

Repeat this process for the same day, creating a new event whenever you wish to switch playlists. It helps to give each event on the same day a different name and colour.

This day will act as a template for the rest of the week. If you are not happy you can edit each individual event by pressing ‘EDIT’ (below).

To edit an existing event

  1. Click the event you wish to edit
  2. Its details will appear at the bottom of the scheduler window.
  3. Click EDIT to bring up the pop-up details window.
  4. Change the date, start and end time, colour, name or playlist used. 
  5. Click SAVE.

You can also delete an event by pressing the DEL button.

Copying days

The template ‘average’ day can now be used to fill out the rest of the week’s schedule. Individual days can then be edited as above.

  1. Click COPY to bring up the pop-up window (see above).
  2. ‘Copy day to day’ is the function to use.
  3. Choose the date you have created your template on as the ‘From: field
  4. Set the ‘To:’ field to the next day. In this example the template is on Monday, 7th November, so I need to copy it to the 8th
  5. Leave ‘Overwrite destination’ un-ticked (this will first delete whatever is on that day).
  6. Click COPY
  7. Repeat for remaining days of the week, until all your regular opening days are filled out.


Customize the week

Use the EDIT functions (see here) to change days to fit the business hours and specific music needs you have.

You can move individual schedule events by dragging them around the schedule page. Look at the information area below the main schedule page to see the exact start and end times.

The example below is for a fashion shop that opens later on a Thursday and Saturday, and has a different clientele at the weekends with a more up-tempo mood needed


Copy week to week

To copy entire weeks click on COPY to bring up the pop-up window (above).

  1. ‘Copy week to week’ is the function to use.
  2. Choose the Monday of the template week as the ‘From:’ date.
  3. Set the ‘To:’ to the next weeks Monday. In this example the template starts on Monday, 7th November, so I need to copy it to the 14th.
  4. Leave ‘Overwrite destination’ un-ticked if future weeks are blank (this will first delete whatever is on that week).
  5. Click COPY
  6. Repeat for remaining weeks you wish to schedule, until all your regular opening days are filled out

Controlling the Scheduler

To turn on the scheduler move the SCHEDULER slider to the ON position, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm this. You will still be able to pause, skip and adjust the volume but the player will follow the events programmed for that day and time. If you wish to override what is currently scheduled to play, use the BACK and HOME navigation controls in the CHANNEL/PLAYLIST menu to find the playlist you wish to use, or pick from MY PLAYLISTS. Double click on the playlist you wish to use, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm you wish to override the schedule, click YES. OVERRIDE will now be ON. To go back to the schedule move the OVERRIDE slider to the OFF position and the pre-programmed schedule will resume when the current track has finished.