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Download Playlists for Offline Playback

Download Playlists

The SpaMusicStream player has the ability to store offline the tracks and playlists you most commonly use. This saves bandwidth and means that even if your internet connection temporarily goes down, the music will keep on playing. You can monitor how much of the current active playlist is available offline in the area below the main playlist window. If you do not wish to download the playlist you are currently using, move the ‘download playlist’ slider to the OFF position (by default it is set to ON). Only the tracks you play will be made available offline. The player will ensure it does not fill up your entire disc; it will always leave 5%.


We recommend that you have at least 8GB of free space on your hard drive, though most users will use considerably less space. If you are concerned about memory we recommend you switch off automatic downloads (see below).

By default all playlists are set to download when you play them.  To set ‘download playlist’ to OFF for all playlists go to the menu bar at the top of the player window and click downloads > automatically download playlists. When un-ticked all playlists are set to OFF, when ticked all playlists will be turned back ON.

How to switch ON/OFF playlist downloading for an individual playlist.

Offline Mode

When the player is not connected to the internet (you can tell by looking at the very bottom right corner of the player where there is an indicator 'light' that shows if you have a connection to our servers) it will enter ‘offline playback mode’. This means only tracks that have been downloaded can be played. If no tracks from a playlist have been downloaded an error message will be displayed. If only part of a playlist has been downloaded, those tracks will be played in random rotation. When online, to enter offline mode set the slider to ON.