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Editing Standard Playlists

Customizing Playlists

Our selections of playlists are just a starting point. We know each business is unique so we have given you the tools to control and customize your music. On the main PLAYLIST display, look at the set of icons on the right: these are the ‘playlist editor tools’ (see below). Use these to customize any of our playlists.

How to use the 'edit tools'

In order to customize a playlist, simply click on the playlist editor tools. ‘Lit’ stars indicate the frequency of playback, and by how much the rotation has been increased by: one star equals normal rotation, two equals twice as often and so on. A red heart indicates the track has been added to ‘My Favorites’. If a track is disabled it will appear as grey (see left), it can be re-activated at any time. 

My Favorites and My Playlists

You will find the My Favorites and any other playlists you create in the ‘MY PLAYLISTS’ menu on the left hand side of the screen (right). My Favorites is a special type of quick user playlist that will always appear. It is made up of all the tracks that have had the ‘heart’ icon clicked.

Creating User Playlists

You can easily create your own relaxation music playlists from tracks anywhere in our catalog to fulfill a specific requirement or to create a mix of tempos and genres. In the playlist window look for the PLAYLIST ICON . This will give you the option to create a new playlist (see right) or add the track to an existing user list. Once created, user playlists can be accessed in the same way as any of our standard playlists and will appear in the MY PLAYLISTS menu on the bottom left hand side of the screen.