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Key Features


         Access to Spa Music Stream relaxation music playlists

          Relaxation Music updated monthly - 50 tracks on average

          Edit playlists - remove tracks, change frequency of playback

          Create a schedule - switch playlists automatically

          Create your own custom playlists using Spa Music Stream tracks

          Tamper-protected - password-protected lock-down mode

Easy set-up

The Spa Music Stream service runs on PC, Mac or an Android tablet*. An internet connection is required to set up, and to receive music and software updates, but otherwise music playlists can be downloaded and played 'offline'. Connect to an amp and speakers and you're done. *Some functionality is not available from the Android app and must by synced from a PC/Mac player.


 We have 2 subscription payment options to choose from -> SEE HERE

**(for premises up to 150 sq m (1615 sq ft), larger premises POA. This covers the Spa Music Stream license, monthly updates and ongoing support)                                                                  

Here's an illustration of how you save with Spa Music Stream pricing illustration   

Pre-loaded Android tablet

If you'd prefer to use dedicated hardware, our pre-loaded  7" touch-screen tablet costs only $250.00 and has 8GB expandable memory. 

Corporate customers

We offer larger multi-site businesses a specific corporate solution.