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Playing The Music

Choosing Channels and Playlists

For a visual guide to the navigation of the player please see the 'Navigating the Player' page

When you first open the Spa Music Stream player you will be greeted with this screen (see below). In order to start playing music from our catalog you need to select a playlist from the left hand CHANNEL/PLAYLIST menu. Playlists are organized into channels by business sector or type. Our expert music programmers have carefully chosen music and created various playlists suitable for different circumstances. For example, the Spa / Beauty Salon / Holistic channel has playlists programmed for reception areas, treatment, yoga etc...

First click on the channel you wish to use, the menu will change from displaying channels to playlists. Click on one of the playlists and all the tracks will be displayed in the main PLAYLIST display. You can easily navigate back to the channel list by pressing the BACK arrow or return to channel HOME buttons.

Your screen should now show a list of tracks and will automatically begin playing randomly. The channel and playlist you have selected will always be displayed at the top of the main PLAYLIST display.

Choosing channels and playlists

Playback (Transport Controls)

In order to start the music you must have a playlist selected. Once you do, you can begin playback either by double clicking an individual track or by pressing the ‘Play’ button in the transport controls situated at the bottom left hand corner of the player (see below). The controls allow you to skip, play/pause and increase/decrease volume. To change the volume, simply drag the slider across to the desired level. The playback bar will show how far along the track is and its total length. The full track details will be shown at the far right.

Seamless playback - If you wish to change playlists during playback, simply select it using the CHANNEL/PLAYLIST menu on the left hand side. When the current track finishes, the player will seamlessly begin playing tracks at random from the new playlist you have selected. If you wish to jump playlist immediately, double click on a track in the new playlist and it will begin playing immediately.